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We do web & software development for organisations of all sizes, from tiny startups to publically-listed companies. We develop and maintain everything from simple WordPress sites to gnarly legacy monsters, and love them all.

Troubleshooting & analysis

We love the hard problems everyone else hates. If you think you've been hacked, if your database is tripping at 3am once a month, or if you have a mountain of weirdly-formatted data to process, we can help. We love the weird, the corner case and the irritating. For analysis we can bring our own high-performance custom tools (eg r17) to get the job done faster.

Security audits

We do professional pen testing, code review and remediation. We test as gently or as vigorously as you need. We use our software development experience to help your team resolve problems faster.


Some of n+1's recent work.


Development, devops, troubleshooting, data mining

The George Institute

Load testing

Urban Chic

Site rescue & (very) fast redevelopment, site maintenance

ACT Police

Police vehicle tracking & logging for maintenance deptartment

Action buses

Driver emergency duress system development & maintenance


Troubleshooting, performance analysis, devops


Matthew Nourse

Started by Matt Nourse in 1998, n+1 computing is a Sydney-based consultancy that serves all time zones.

n+1's guiding philosophy is continuous incremental improvement. Paraphrasing John Gall, the only reliable way to build a complex system that works is to start with a simple system that works, and modify gradually from there.

Matt's had the pleasure and privilege to work with some customers for more than 15 years. He's interested in long-term customer success rather than quick-and-dirty hack jobs.

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