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We do web & software development for organisations of all sizes, from tiny startups to publically-listed companies. We develop and maintain everything from simple WordPress sites to gnarly legacy monsters, and love them all.

Troubleshooting & analysis

We love the hard problems everyone else hates. If you think you've been hacked, if your database is tripping at 3am once a month, or if you have a mountain of weirdly-formatted data to process, we can help. We love the weird, the corner case and the irritating. For analysis we can bring our own high-performance custom tools (eg r17) to get the job done faster.


Solve PostgreSQL replication lag

Parsing PostgreSQL's replication Write-Ahead Log (WAL) to troubleshoot replication lags.

PostgreSQL packet sniffing

A custom stateful packet sniffer for PostgreSQL traffic.


Matthew Nourse

Started by Matt Nourse in 1998, n+1 computing is a Sydney-based consultancy that serves all time zones.

n+1's guiding philosophy is continuous incremental improvement. Paraphrasing John Gall, the only reliable way to build a complex system that works is to start with a simple system that works, and modify gradually from there.

Matt's had the pleasure and privilege to work with some customers for more than 15 years. He's interested in long-term customer success rather than quick-and-dirty hack jobs.

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Email us at info at n plus 1 dot com dot au.